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Stephanie Lam on Ballerina thighs ♥

Hi, received the parcel today adi! thanks a lot ! i superlove the leggings! finally found one which fit my long legs. Thanks dear 🙂


Shun Rhu [Our Loyal Customer] on Ballerina thighs ♥

hi, i love the leggings so much. Can u pls send me ur link again to ur blogspot?

Thanks & Regards
Shun Rhu

Puteri on Owl Necklace ♥

Yeay. Got the item already. Thank you for sending d item prompt after I have made the payment. Love d owl necklace. so sweet yet cool! 🙂 would not hesitate to make another purchase with you in future. Tq! 🙂

Farah on Pinocchio ♥

Hi babe! The parcel is here and OMG! It’s soo pretty… Thank you so much 🙂 It looks soo much better in real life. Will definitely purchase from you more in the future! you bet! hee


Shop Like A Celebrity!

Loves your items! ;D

Hey lis here, omg i love all your stuff la. Stupid girl im broke edi n u must tempt me like this… Anyways can reserve for me these items?? “

– wing ring (2x)

– the black guitar pick ring

– Green dove ring

– Snakeskin leggings

– Im dead, im gone necklace


Ermeiza Reyha on Torn


thank u so much for the reply
yes i am very much interested in purchasing item if it is restockable
i am planning to get each color for the item wpp36 as i think u have the best skinnies i hv seen so far
i can make the full payment to u also to secure the item
but pls do come back to me regarding the item as i m a serious buyer

thank u and regards


Locksin from Snax

Hi, nice to meet you.
I’m locksin.
My colleague, Lynette was bump into your booth at Youth 10 last week. We love your DIY accessories and style. Therefore, I think we can do an interview with you if you’re interested, and all the content will going to feature on

Just a simple introduction about what is Snax.
Basically it is a youth portal that talking about fashion, music and game or cool stuff. We did some interviews with other online boutique and salon,ext. you can check it out.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Thank you 🙂




Trisha Leowe on Mini Bow Rings 🙂

”Hey 🙂 We loves your unique rings, especially the bow ones! Just did a review on them! Check them out! 😉 Hope you loves it! 


Dairy Addictions on The /BYLM’S Rings

Totally dig the rings btw. =D


Blogmuffins on /BYLM’S Items 🙂

Gorgeous stuff btw. Looking forward to future updates. Reviewed and Linked you today 🙂


Agnes Ng on The /BYLM’S Rings

love your stuff, very nice 🙂 


Licia Ng on The /BYLM’S  Stuff and Site

nice stuff n love the web design 🙂


Ting Ying Yi on Versatile Jumpsuit

 Item received. LOVELY LOVELY stuffs!!! Especially the dress 


Sadiy Faisal on Versatile Jumpsuit

Hey i’ve received my item already!!!!!!!!!! and i love it!!!! tqvm


Anna Sia on Sling Me Up!

Hi dear,
Received the bag. I love it a lot!
Thanks very much.


Emily Wong [Our Loyal Customer]  on Sling Me Up!

OMG! then is the … the… ditry brown one restockable? 😀

HIIIII! RECEIVED the bag. OMG! gooood quality and i love it 🙂 haha! I WANT OT ORDER SOME MORE STUFF :p
– nerd (rm29)  😀


Puteri Balqis on Beaded Headgears

I got the beaded headgear just now. I’m soooooo happy. Its really2 pretty! I love it. And the quality also from what I observe it’s really good. Will wear it for HARI RAYA. Thank you again for post it ASAP(since I’ll be away by tomorrow for balik kampung) ;).



Xiang Yun from Shop Cookieness on Like Snowflakes

Hey there,
I’ve received the ring already. It’s super cute! love it 😀 thank you again! =]



Jeniffer Prisilia on /BYLM’S UPDATES!

ooh ok.. make sure to let me know of the next update, ok? thanks..=) 


Emily Wong [Our Loyal Customer] on /BYLM’S Items & Who Doesn’t ♥ Silkscreen? 

Dude! omg!!! the new stocks are so pretty! 😀 i want that-camera tank top and headphones tank top. reaply me ASAP! 😀 


Pam Chia on /BYLM’S STUFF!

HIIII received ur stuff – AND I EFFING LOVE IT 😀 must say in terms of quality it’s greaaat!!!!! Uber satisfied with the stuff I’ve received – THANKS AGAIN! will definitely buy more stuff from u guys in the future!


Nina Ng on /BYLM’S STUFF!

Okay, mmm…restock the clutch if possible please!
I’ll take the skirt too. Let me know if you have updates on the clutch too? Btw, love your stuff. keep bringing in!



Greetings from 17 Msia!

Hello, my name is Melly – fashion writer for 17 Malaysia under Blu Inc Media Publications.

I came across your site and saw these super cute geeky glasses. Would like to feature the aforementioned treasure trove from your store for SEVENTEEN November 2011 Issue.

Just wondering whether could you provide me the picture in HIGH RES for the product above. Do email em over as soon as you read this 😉

Hope to hear your speedy reply regarding this matter.

Have a great day ahead BYLM 🙂

Melly Ling Fashion Writer

Seventeen Magazine

Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd (7408-K)


Rachel Ho on /BYLM017

Got the skirt! love it. Thanks 😀 xx -rachel


Shawn Haur on “I’M A KING”

Received the baju. Thanks mei! Very satisfied.



Hey babe, have received the hooded jacket! Quality is really way better than i expected! Thanks you. 🙂 


Connie Yong on /BYLM


I’m Connie. We are launching a new magazine and we think that your products are very interesting. Can we arrange an appointment to let us know more about your products and in the same time to introduce you on our new magazine?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a nice day ahead! Feel free to contact me if there’s any questions.


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